Friday, July 22, 2011

New work_July 22, 2011

Man, this is going to feel good.

In advance of bringing these pieces to the fine people at Hang Art Gallery (, I wanted to put them here for you to see. Lately, it seems the work is taking longer to complete and I've been wondering why that is. Looking at the final images for these paintings, it is apparent that I'm becoming more deliberate with my compositions. That, to me, is pretty exciting as trying to "control" the work has always been one of my biggest challenges. Also, I'm employing much more subtlety when working with color. These advancements could be a product of age and I'm happy about that. My lovely wife tells me to "Be where you are." That advice is beginning to make more sense.

Also, I recently completed a proposal book for the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art. You can view selected pages here....

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  1. I think all of these new pieces are wonderful. When is the opening at Hang?

  2. Thanks Eric. No opening at Hang. Just bringing in some new work to replenish my inventory there.

  3. altho' replete with visual information and color, the density of these works still feels light, airy; particularly like the third one, as I'm always drawn to text --